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In times like these, we’ve all had to adjust to some of the new normal like wearing masks, social distancing and online meetings and classes. Just like everyone else, we’ve had to Re-everything, re-evaluate, re-design, re-contextualize and re-adjust, but as design students, this has also given us the chance to show off our design skills that we’ve slowly been accumulating over the past 4 or so years. As designers, we are constantly encouraged to revisit past designs to see if we can improve them and that is what design is at the very core. Design is about iteration, and the ability to grow and change to meet different challenges as the context of the design changes around it. Though we’ve all had a challenging year, we have evolved to meet the needs of our new situations and come out on top. This website contains the works, ambitions, successes and challenges of the Bachelor of Design 2021 graduating class. 

Our show will run from March 30th to April 9th, 2021. We will be hosting online events such as virtual galley experience and online conferences. This year we will also be able to showcase our work in a physical gallery at the University of Alberta's FAB Gallery. We hope that you will have a fulfilling and interesting experience in this year's Bachelor of Design grad show!

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